Dive into the captivating world of the Fold collection vases, a creation born from the visionary mind of the artist Claire Poujoula. These vases, true gems of contemporary craftsmanship, embody a harmonious fusion of the geometric rigor of the square and the organic fluidity of the circle. Through each curve and fold, Poujoula challenges aesthetic conventions, transcending the boundaries of form and function.

What sets these ceramic artworks apart is their ability to reveal the raw beauty of their material. By deliberately leaving the base bare, the artist boldly exposes the texture and richness of the ceramic, inviting the viewer to explore every nuance and relief. It's an act of artistic revelation, a celebration of the very essence of the material.

But what makes these vases even more captivating is the subtle marriage of glaze and terracotta. It's a play of contrasts, a dance between the glossy smoothness of the surface and the organic roughness of the earth. In each piece, the encounter between these elements creates a visual tension, a dynamic that captivates and enchants the eye.

Moreover, the hues of the glaze, achieved through layering different enamels, add an extra dimension to these artworks. The color blends create incredible shades and drips, giving each vase a unique and captivating personality.

In summary, the vases of the Fold collection are not just utilitarian objects; they are full-fledged works of art, bearing witness to the talent and creativity of their creator. Their presence in your space will undoubtedly inspire and delight, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your everyday life.

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