CLaire poujoula

In my opinion, there is a coherence between the spaces, the colours and the objects of a place, reflecting the soul of the people who live there.

The art of ceramics is the harmonious combination of a material, with colours, textures and shapes, transforming clay into an object of art.




The movement that appears in the center of the plates, of sea foam and crystal clear water, going from a deep blue to a clear and transparent blue, gives them their authenticity. The depth of the waters on the island of Palmarola in Ponza and the relief of its natural pools. This brings me back.

Technique: Glazed beige sandstone interior, rough exterior.

Made in France

I have chosen to merge the functionality of objects with the uniqueness of a colour and its shades. In my studio, I capture the enchanting essence of nature's inspiring diversity in my creations, showcasing an endless array of colours and ever-changing materials. I appreciate the notion that my creations play a role in the life of a space, contributing to shared moments and a welcoming atmosphere, ultimately shaping its identity.

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