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In my creations, I transcribe the inspiring magic of nature with its infinite variety of its colours, materials and perpetual mutation. I like the idea that my creations participate in the life of a place, in moments of sharing and conviviality, and that they contribute to its identity.

Growing up in Toulouse, I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by a creative environment. My family owned a shoe design company, where I spent much of my time walking around the factory, soaking in the art of transforming leather into beautiful, elegant, and technically complex finished products. This exposure allowed me to develop a keen sense of design, as well as a deep appreciation for the craft of turning a living material into something extraordinary.

At the age of 10 I discovered painting techniques such as watercolour and oil painting thanks to my grandmother, a true painter at heart. At the same age I did my first utilitarian pottery workshop and discovered the pleasure of creating with my hands.

workshop, the'workshop

Driven by the desire to reimagine places where people feel at home, I went to Paris to become an interior designer, however I missed creating with my hands.

Back in Toulouse, I decided to take up pottery again. For three years I trained with different ceramists, exploring several techniques, clay, glazes and englobes. At the same time I started my activity of stamping and casting of porcelain and stoneware.

I directed my creation on the work of association of different types of enamels and earth materials.

Now based on the French Riviera, I welcome you in my workshop in Cannes.


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